Captain Straightman: THUMP’N PIG & PUFF’N BILLY

Australian singles chart:
Captain Straightman entered the Kent charts on 2 April 1973 and peaked at #36.

The song is on Downunda which entered the Kent album chart on 30 July 1973 and peaked at #40.

Warren Morgan

Rock of Ages

Record label of Australian release:

Aztec Records:
By 1972, piano player extraordinaire Warren ‘Pig’ Morgan had performed a key role in the careers of two of Australia’s most legendary blues-rock bands, Chain and Billy Thorpe & the Aztecs. He’d been a founder member of Chain in 1968, and had been instrumental in helping Thorpie establish his reputation as one of the wildest and heaviest blues-rockers of the day.
Initially a solo project, it soon became a collaborative effort after Warren asked Billy Thorpe to join in. Christening themselves ‘Thump’n Pig & Puff’n Billy’, they then enlisted the talents of another Aztec (Gil Matthews) and 2 members of Chain (Phil Manning and Barry Sullivan) to record the LP they called Downunda. The single Captain Straightman became a much loved hit.
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