Metal Guru: T REX

Australian singles charts:
Metal Guru entered the Kent charts on 26 June 1972 and peaked at #10. It was #72 on the Top 100 of 1972.

The song is on The Slider which entered the Kent album charts on 11 September 1972 and peaked at #13.

Marc Bolan

Tony Visconti

Record label of Australian release:
T Rex

Songfacts – Metal Guru:
T Rex lead singer Marc Bolan explained: “It’s a festival of life song. I relate Metal Guru to all gods around – someone special, a godhead. I thought how God would be, he’d be all alone without a telephone.”
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Wikipedia – The Slider
The album notes credit Ringo Starr with the front and back cover photographs. They were taken the same day that Starr was filming the T Rex documentary Born to Boogie at John Lennon’s estate, Tittenhurst Park. Producer Tony Visconti, however, disputes that Starr took the photograph, stating “Marc [Bolan] handed me his motorised Nikon and asked me to fire off two rolls of black and white film while we were on the set of Born to Boogie. Ringo, the director of the film, was busy all day lining up shots. But Marc apparently saw a photo credit opportunity and gave Ringo the credit for the photos.”
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