You Gave Me a Mountain: ELVIS PRESLEY

Australian singles chart:
You Gave Me a Mountain entered the Kent charts on 21 May 1973 peaked at #17. The song was #96 on the Top 100 of 1973.

The song is on Aloha from Hawaii: Via Satellite which entered the Kent album charts on 5 March 1973 and peaked at #9.

Marty Robbins

Record label of Australian release:
RCA Victor

You Gave Me a Mountain was written by country singer-songwriter Marty Robbins and has been recorded by many artists, including Robbins himself, Frankie Laine, Don McLean and Elvis Presley.
Elvis performed the song at his 1973 Honolulu concert Aloha from Hawaii being included on the subsequent live album Aloha from Hawaii: Via Satellite. Presley’s version was included in many of his other releases throughout the 1970s.
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