Positively 4th Street: BOB DYLAN

Australian singles chart:
Positively 4th Street entered the Kent charts on 30 October 1965 and peaked at #35.

Bob Dylan

Bob Johnston

Record label of Australian release:

According to Rolling Stone magazine, Positively 4th Street is about all the naysayers and plastic people Dylan encountered during his time in Greenwich Village (when he lived on West 4th Street, New York) and his stint on fraternity row at the University of Minnesota (located on 4th Street in Minneapolis). The song deals with the jealousy he encountered from people in the artistic community who resented his success.
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Joni Mitchell has cited the song as one of her biggest inspirations at the dawn of her career: “There came a point when I heard a Dylan song called Positively 4th Street and I thought ‘oh my God, you can write about anything in songs’. It was like a revelation to me”.
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