Get it On

The early compilation albums

The 1970s saw the arrival of compilation albums. Among them between 1970 and 1974 were Dynamic Hits, Explosive Hits, Happening Hits, Solid Hits and Chartstoppers, and others followed. Labels like K-Tel and Select Records squeezed so many songs on each side of an album, the ‘microgroove’ sound quality wasn’t the best. But it was a fairly inexpensive way for music fans to collect some of the songs they enjoyed on the radio.

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20 Chartstoppers Vol 1 – 1971
Songs include Superstar (Colleen Hewett) and Seasons of Change (Blackfeather)

20 Chartstoppers Vol 2 – 1971
Songs include Eagle Rock (Daddy Cool) and Oh Mamy Blue (Al Head)

20 Chartstoppers Vol 3 – 1972
Songs include Morning of the Earth (G. Wayne Thomas) and Follow Your Drum (Don Fardon)


20 Dynamic Hits Vol 1 – 1970
Songs inlcude Venus (Shocking Blue) and The Star (Ross D. Wyllie)

20 Dynamic Hits Vol. 2 – 1971
Songs include Golden Miles (Healing Force) and Father and Son (Cat Stevens)

20 Dynamic Hits Vol 3 – 1973
Songs inlcude Kings of the World (Mississippi) and Ginger Man (Brian Cadd)


20 Explosive Hits – 1970
Songs include Try a Little Kindness (Glen Campbell) and Little Green Bag (George Baker Selection)

Explosive Hits ’71
Songs include Hot Love (T. Rex) and Black Night (Deep Purple)

Explosive Hits ’73
Songs include Wings of an Eagle (Russell Morris) and Nights In White Satin (The Moody Blues)

Explosive Hits ’74
Songs include The Loco-Motion (Grand Funk Railroad) and I Am Pegasus (Ross Ryan)
Releases of Explosive Hits continued in future years.

24 Happening Hits – 1969
Songs include Woman You’re Breaking Me (The Groop) and Woman, Woman (Gary Puckett & The Union Gap)

20 Happening Hits Vol 2 – 1972
Songs include Coz I Luv You (Slade) and Theme From ‘Shaft’ (Isaac Hayes).

20 Happening Hits Vol 3 – 1973
Songs include Dreams Are Ten A Penny (Kincade) and Your Mama Don’t Dance (The Bootleg Family Band)


20 Solid Hits Volume 2 – 1971
Songs include Your Song (Elton John) and Lonely Days (The Bee Gees)

20 Solid Hits Vol. 3 – 1973
Songs include Gypsy Queen (Country Radio) and Get it On (T.Rex)

And let’s not forget this one:


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