Can’t Get Enough: BAD COMPANY

Australian singles chart:
Can’t Get Enough entered the Kent Music Report on 22 July 1974 and peaked at #22.

The song is Bad Company which entered the Kent Music Report album charts on 5 August 1974 and peaked at #6.

Mick Ralphs

Bad Company

Record label of Australian release:

Can’t Get Enough is a good taste of the original lineup of Bad Company, one of the earliest and longest-lived supergroups. It combined singer Paul Rodgers and drummer Simon Kirke from the band Free, guitarist Mick Ralphs from the band Mott the Hoople, and bassist Boz Burrell from King Crimson. Not to mention sharing a manager, Peter Grant, with Led Zeppelin.
Can’t Get Enough was written by Ralphs when he was still with Mott the Hoople, but the band (or their record label) rejected it. When he joined Bad Company, they were happy to record the song.
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