What’s Wrong With the Way I Live: THE TWILIGHTS

Australian singles charts:
What’s Wrong With the Way I Live entered the Kent charts on 4 March 1967 and peaked at #7. The song was #58 on the Top 100 of 1967.

Graham Nash, Tony Hicks, Allan Clarke

Norman “Hurricane” Smith

Record label of Australian release:

The prize for winning Hoadley’s Battle of the Sounds in 1966 was a trip to London. Thanks to their contract with EMI, the band had the chance to record at the Abbey Road Studios. A clutch of songs from the Abbey Road sessions were soon released back in Australia.
What’s Wrong with the Way I Live?, composed specially for the Twilights by The Hollies’ Graham Nash, Tony Hicks and Allan Clarke, exhibited a sophisticated sound that the band had only hinted at before. With its banjo motif and tight block harmonies, the recording earned plaudits from the composers themselves (“Much better than we did it!”, Nash is said to have remarked) – and garnered support from other expatriate Aussie musicians like The Bee Gees.
For a short time it appeared that the single might make it into the UK Singles Chart, but just as it was gaining airplay momentum it was derailed by the release of the Hollies’ own version, which EMI issued despite an earlier agreement not to do so.
The Twilights then returned to Australia.
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