Hi Ho Silver Lining: JEFF BECK

Jeff Beck was often described as “the best guitar player on the planet″. He won 8 Grammy Awards and was twice inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. His song Hi Ho Silver Lining was his biggest solo hit on the Australian singles charts, although he is better known for his albums. There were 10 on the Aus charts, including the highly acclaimed, mostly instrumental album Blow By Blow. Jeff also charted here with The Yardbirds, The Jeff Beck Group and Beck, Bogert & Appice.
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Australian singles chart:
Hi Ho Silver Lining entered the Kent charts on 13 May 1967 and peaked at #21.

Scott English, Larry Weiss

Mickie Most

Record label of Australian release:

Joining Jeff Beck below are Chrissie Hynde, Robert Plant, Solomon Burke, Jimmy Cliff and Tom Jones (2003)

Songwriters Scott English and Larry Weiss started writing a song together, with a chorus of “Hi ho silver lining”, but no verses. When producer Mickie Most heard their early version, he suggested that it would be a hit and persuaded English to complete the lyrics. According to writer and musician Bob Stanley, English wanted to record a finished version of the song himself, so decided to deter Most by writing “the most unusable, stupid lyric he could think up, about flies in pea soup and beach umbrellas”. To English’s chagrin, Most liked the song, and had Jeff Beck record it.
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It is ironic that a rock guitarist rated as one of the all-time best in the world should be best known (and will likely be best remembered by the general public) for a commercial single that, although having a fine riff, does nothing to demonstrate his virtuosity.
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