Suite: Judy Blue Eyes: CROSBY, STILLS & NASH

Australian singles charts:
Suite: Judy Blue Eyes entered the Kent charts on 24 November 1969 and peaked at #50.

The song is on the 1969 album Crosby, Stills and Nash.

Stephen Stills

David Crosby, Graham Nash, Stephen Stills

Record label of Australian release:

The title Suite: Judy Blue Eyes (a play on words for “Sweet Judy Blue Eyes”) refers to Stephen Stills’ former girlfriend, singer/songwriter Judy Collins, and the lyrics to most of the suite’s sections consist of his thoughts about her and their imminent breakup. During a July 15, 2007 interview for the National Public Radio program All Things Considered, Stills revealed that Collins was present in the studio when the demo tapes were recorded and had advised him, “Don’t stay in here [in the studio] all night now.” Stills also commented that the breakup with Collins “was imminent. … We were just a little too big for one house.”
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