Mr Tambourine Man: THE BYRDS

Australian singles chart:
Mr Tambourine Man entered the Kent charts on 22 May 1965 and peaked at #3. The song was #45 on the Top 100 of 1965.

The song is on the 1965 album Mr Tambourine Man.

Bob Dylan

Tom Wilson

Record label of Australian release:

Clip notes – Classic Hits {Stereo}: Mr. Tambourine Man changed the face of rock music. It launched The Byrds, convinced Dylan to “go electric,” and started the folk-rock movement. David Crosby of The Byrds recalled the day Dylan heard them working on the song: “He came to hear us in the studio when we were building The Byrds. After the word got out that we gonna do Mr. Tambourine Man and we were probably gonna be good, he came there and he heard us playing his song electric, and you could see the gears grinding in his head. It was plain as day. It was like watching a slow-motion lightning bolt.”

The success of Mr Tambourine Man initiated the folk rock boom of 1965 and 1966, with a number of American and British acts imitating the band’s hybrid of a rock beat, jangly guitar playing, and poetic or socially conscious lyrics. The single gave rise to the term “folk rock” in the US music press to describe the band’s sound.
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Bob Dylan wrote Mr. Tambourine Man, which was originally released on his fifth album Bringing It All Back Home in March 1965. His version wasn’t released as a single, but when The Byrds released their cover later that year, it was a transatlantic hit.
Dylan wrote this on a road trip he took with some friends from New York to San Francisco.
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