Thunder Island: JAY FERGUSON

Thunder Island is the lead single off of the album Thunder Island by American musician Jay Ferguson.

Although released in Australia with substantial radio airplay in 1977, neither the single or album sold enough copies to gain a place on the Australian charts.

Jay Ferguson

Bill Szymczyk

Record label of Australian release:

BONUS TRACK BELOW: Shakedown Cruise by Jay Ferguson

Wikipedia – Thunder Island:
As Thunder Island was Ferguson’s highest-ranking song on the US charts, he is sometimes tagged a one-hit wonder. However, he achieved an additional minor hit with the song, Shakedown Cruise (audio track below).
Thunder Island features Joe Walsh on guitar.
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Wikipedia – Jay Ferguson
Jay Ferguson is known for his work with the bands Spirit and Jo Jo Gunne, and his 1978 solo hit Thunder Island. His later career has been as a composer of music for television programs and films. Many people know Ferguson for composing the theme song for the American version of The Office.
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Shakedown Cruise by Jay Ferguson

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