It’s Too Late: CAROLE KING

Australian singles charts:
It’s Too Late entered the Kent charts on 12 July 1971 and peaked at #6. The song was #34 on the Top 100 of 1971.

The song is on Tapestry which entered the Kent album charts on 19 July 1971 and peaked at #6.

Carole King, Toni Stern

Lou Adler

Record label of Australian release:
A&M / Ode

The lyrics describe the blameless end of a loving relationship.
Music critic Robert Christgau wrote that “if there’s a truer song about breaking up than It’s Too Late, the world isn’t ready for it.”
Toni Stern wrote the lyrics and King wrote the music. Stern told author Sheila Weller that she wrote the lyrics in a single day, after her love affair with James Taylor ended.
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Carole King wrote this with Toni Stern, a free-spirited painter and lyricist from Los Angeles who complemented King very well. Said Stern: “I’m sure there was a California quality in me that appealed to Carole. She was moving from a familial, middle class lifestyle to Laurel Canyon, where she started to let her hair down, literally and figuratively. We worked off our contrasts.”
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