I Can See Clearly Now: JOHNNY NASH

Australian singles chart:
I Can See Clearly Now entered the Kent charts on 9 October 1972 and peaked at #3. It was #29 on the Top 100 of 1972.

The song is on I Can See Clearly Now which entered the Kent album charts on 9 October 1972 and peaked at #29.

Johnny Nash

Johnny Nash

Record label of Australian release:

I Can See Clearly Now is a song of hope and courage for anyone who has experienced adversity in their lives but have overcome it.
Nash wrote this song himself. He recorded it in London with members of The Average White Band, who in 1974 had a hit of their own with Pick Up The Pieces.
Thanks to this and his other reggae-influenced songs, Johnny Nash is associated with Jamaica, but he was actually from Texas.
Nash had legitimate reggae credentials: Bob Marley (before he became crazy famous) was an assistant producer and session player on the I Can See Clearly Now album, and also wrote three of the songs, including Stir It Up, which became Nash’s next big hit.
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