The Rain, the Park and Other Things: THE COWSILLS

Australian singles charts:
The Rain, the Park and Other Things entered the Kent charts on 25 November 1967 and peaked at #4. The song was #35 on the Top 100 of 1968.

Artie Kornfeld, Steve Duboff

Artie Kornfeld

Record label of Australian release:

The band was formed in 1965 by brothers Bill, Bob, and Barry Cowsill; their brother John joined a short time later. Originally Bill and Bob played guitar and Barry played the drums. When John learned to play drums and joined the band, Barry began playing bass. After their initial success, the brothers were joined by their siblings Susan and Paul along with their mother, Barbara. A seventh sibling, Bob’s twin brother Richard, was never part of the band during its heyday, although he occasionally appeared with them in later years.
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The Rain, the Park and Other Things was the breakthrough hit for the family group The Cowsills who were the forerunner of The Osmonds, a group that would appear on the same record label a few years later. Unlike the Osmonds, the kids’ mother Barbara also features on the recordings.
The Cowsills were also the inspiration for a manufactured singing TV family, The Partridge Family.
This song is known to many as The Flower Girl. Studio musicians were brought in for the recording, a practice that continued until 1969 when the Cowsill family were allowed to play their own musical instruments.
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Barry and Bill are no longer alive but Bob, Paul and Susan, and occasionally John, still perform. This clip is from 2020:

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