The Carnival is Over: THE SEEKERS

Australian singles chart:
The Carnival is Over entered the Kent charts on 6 November 1965 and was a #1 hit, remaining on top for 6 weeks. The song was #2 on the Top 100 of 1965.

Tom Springfield

Tom Springfield

Record label of Australian release:

The Carnival Is Over became the Seekers’ signature recording, and the band have customarily closed their concerts with it ever since its success in late-1965.
At its 1965 sales peak, the Seekers’ single was selling 93,000 copies per day in the UK and is #30 in the chart of the biggest-selling singles of all time in the United Kingdom, with sales of at least 1.41 million copies in the UK alone. The song also topped the Australian charts (for six weeks) and reached #1 in the Irish Charts for two weeks.
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Tom Springfield wrote The Carnival Is Over for the Seekers. He based the melody on the Russian folk song Stenka Razin (or Stenka Rasin). Stenka Razin was a Cossack rebel leader who led a major Cossack and peasant rebellion on Russia’s southeastern frontier in 1670-71. He has been celebrated in a number of songs. Pete Seeger in 1953 sang an English-language version of Stenka Razin, which may have been the version known by Tom Springfield.
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For memories of The Seekers’ 1967 homecoming concert in front of an incredible 200,000 people in Melbourne, and huge television audience, see Georgy Girl.

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