The Devil Went Down to Georgia: THE CHARLIE DANIELS BAND

Australian singles chart:
The Devil Went Down to Georgia entered the Kent Music Report on 3 September 1979 and peaked at #14. The song was #77 on the Top 100 of 1979.

The song is on Million Mile Reflections which entered the Kent Music Report album charts on 27 August 1979 and peaked at #77.

Charlie Daniels, Tom Crain, “Taz” DiGregorio, Fred Edwards, Charles Hayward, James W Marshall

John Boylan

Record label of Australian release:

In The Devil Went Down to Georgia, Satan pays a visit to Georgia and challenges a boy named Johnny to a fiddle duel: If Johnny can play the fiddle better than the devil, he gets a golden fiddle, but if he loses, the devil gets his soul.
Charlie Daniels told Songfacts that the idea for this song came from a poem he read in high school called The Mountain Whippoorwill by Stephen Vincent Benet.
It was Daniels who played the fiddle for both the Devil and Johnny, and it was also Daniels who dreamed up what they both would sound like.
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