The Bitch is Back: ELTON JOHN

Australian singles chart:
The Bitch is Back entered the Kent Music Report on 25 November 1974 and peaked at #53.

The song is on Caribou which entered the Kent Music Report album chart on 15 July 1974. It reached #1 on 12 August 1974 and remained there for 10 weeks.

Elton John, Bernie Taupin

Gus Dudgeon

Record label of Australian release:

Live in 2000 at Madison Square Garden, New York City

Elton is the “Bitch.” One day when he was in a foul mood, complaining about anything and everything, Bernie Taupin’s wife, Maxine, saw him and said “Uh-Oh, the bitch is back.” Bernie Taupin, who was Elton’s lyricist, thought it was a great phrase. He wrote lyrics around it and Elton put it to music.
This was the first hit song with the word “bitch” in the title, which was rather risqué in 1974. Many American radio stations refused to play it when it was released, but when it became a hit, most relented and added it to their playlists.
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