January: PILOT

Australian singles charts:
January entered the Kent Music Report on 7 April 1975 and went all the way to #1. The song was #3 on the Top 100 of 1975.

The song is on Second Flight which entered the Kent Music Report album charts on 14 July 1975 and peaked at #51.

David Paton

Alan Pasons

Record label of Australian release:

Pilot were a Scottish rock group, formed in 1973 in Edinburgh by David Paton and Billy Lyall. Both Paton and Lyall had briefly been substitute members of the Bay City Rollers before that band’s breakthrough.
The 1974 single Magic from their first album, produced by Alan Parsons and written by Lyall and Paton, sold over one million copies. The song January gave them their greatest success, going to #1 in the UK and Australia.
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January was written by Pilot’s lead singer, David Paton, who said: “My wife was reading a book and the main character was called January. She told me this and I wrote the chorus with that in mind. The verse was about how I felt at the time with the success of Magic. I didn’t write the song in January, it was in October, just after the release of Magic.”
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