Smokin’ in the Boys Room: BROWNSVILLE STATION

Australian singles chart:
Smokin’ in the Boys Room entered the Kent charts on 21 January 1974 and peaked at #9. It was #60 on the Top 11 of 1974.

Cub Koda, Michael Lutz

Doug Morris, Brilliant Sun

Record label of Australian release:

Smokin’ in the Boys Room was written by Brownsville Station lead singer/guitarist Michael “Cub” Koda about a group of schoolboys who sneak out of class to smoke tobacco in the boys’ bathroom, only to be found by the principal who reminds them “No smoking allowed in school.” Cub Koda got the idea for the song from memories of hanging out at a movie theatre with his childhood friends. They would smuggle cigarettes lifted from their parents into the men’s room at the Clinton Theater in Ann Arbor, Michigan on Friday nights. Coda says the “old duffer” who owned the theater would come after them, but never caught them in the act.
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