Goin’ On Down to the End of the World: BRODERICK SMITH

Australian singles charts:
Goin’ On Down to the End of the World entered the Kent charts on 29 May 1972 and peaked at #51.

Brian Cadd

Rhett Walker (for Nudge Productions)

Record label of Australian release:

Broderick Smith is an English-born Australian multi-instrumentalist, singer-songwriter and sometime actor. He was a member of bands Sundown, Adderley Smith, Carson, the Dingoes and Broderick Smith’s Big Combo, and he has recorded and performed solo and in duos. He acted on stage in the 1973 Australian version of the rock opera Tommy and in minor TV roles in the ’90s.
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Broderick Smith as a member of The Dingoes at Sunbury ’74. Photo: Starman Books

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