Long Cool Woman in a Black Dress: THE HOLLIES

Australian singles chart:
Long Cool Woman in a Black Dress entered the Kent charts on 17 July 1972 and peaked at #2. It was #22 on the Top 100 of 1972.

The song is on Distant Light which entered the Kent album charts on 28 August 1972 and peaked at #28.

Allan Clarke, Roger Cook, Roger Greenaway

The Hollies, Ron Richards

Record label of Australian release:

On the day Long Cool Woman was recorded at AIR Studios, the group’s producer, Ron Richards, was ill and, as a result, the song was produced by the group. The song is different from most other Hollies songs in that there are no three-part vocal harmonies, and the song features lead guitar and lead vocal work by Allan Clarke. Upon his return, Ron Richards mixed the recording.
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The Distant Light album was out for a year before this song was released as a single. Before the single was released, lead singer Allan Clarke left the group, replaced by Swedish singer Michael Rickfors (another founding member, Graham Nash, left in 1968). After Long Cool Woman became a hit in the US, Clarke rethought his solo career and came back. The group released one album with Rickfors, Romany in 1972, before Clarke took back his position.
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