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Australian singles chart:
Rosanna entered the Kent Music Report charts on 21 July 1975 and peaked at #55.

The song is on Four Moments which entered the Kent Music Report album charts on 16 June 1975 and peaked at #12.

Mario Millo

Jon English

Record label of Australian release:

Bonus tracks below: Glad to Be Alive by Windchase and Sebastian Hardie doing a section of Tubular Bells

Wikipedia – Four Moments:
Four Moments is the debut studio album by the Australian symphonic rock band Sebastian Hardie. It was their most commercially successful release. All tracks were written by lead vocalist / lead guitarist Mario Millo either on his own or with fellow band members Toivo Pilt, Alex Plavsic and Peter Plavsic. The distinctive logo, which would feature on future Sebastian Hardie releases, was designed by Larraine Hall. The album was produced by former band member Jon English.
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Wikipedia – Sebastian Hardie:
Sebastian Hardie was Australia’s first symphonic rock band, formed in 1967. An early member was Jon English (vocals, rhythm guitar). A later member, Mario Millo (lead guitar, mandolin, vocals) became a multi-award winner for his television and movie music.
Sebastian Hardie’s other early members included Graham Ford (lead guitar), Peter Plavsic (bass guitar) and his brother Alex Plavsic (drums). After English and Ford left, the Plavsic brothers were joined by Millo and Toivo Pilt (keyboards). With their addition, Sebastian Hardie developed extended progressive rock tracks to become a symphonic rock group before they released their definitive album Four Moments. They followed with a second album Windchase in 1976, but it had less chart success. Millo and Pilt formed the band Windchase and released a heavier jazz-fusion album in 1977 called Symphinity.
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With a lineup change in 1976, Sebastian Hardie became Windchase, which released one album called Symphinity. A single, Glad to Be Alive, entered the Kent Music Report on 8 August 1977 and peaked at #100. The album entered the Kent Music Report album chart on 6 June 1977 and peaked at #43.

Sebastian Hardie doing a section of Tubular Bells in 1974 on ABC TV music show GTK:
(not good sound quality but interesting to see and hear)

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