Kings of the World: MISSISSIPPI

Australian singles charts:
Kings of the World entered the Kent charts on 4 September 1972 and peaked at #7. The song was #49 on the Top 100 of 1972.

The song is on Mississippi which entered the Kent album charts on 11 September 1972 and peaked at #21.

Graeham Goble

Ern Rose, Peter Jones

Record label of Australian release:

Mississippi was an Australian soft rock band (1972–1975), which included Graeham Goble on lead vocals and guitar, Beeb Birtles on lead vocals and guitar, and Derek Pellicci on drums. The band had started as Allison Gros in Adelaide in 1970 and moved to Melbourne in 1971 where they recorded as Allison Gros, Drummond and, early in 1972, became Mississippi.
As Mississippi they reached No. 10 with Kings of the World in 1972. In early 1975, with Birtles, Goble and Pellici aboard and the addition of Glenn Shorrock, the group was renamed Little River Band.
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