Coz I Luv You: SLADE

Australian singles charts:
Coz I Luv You entered the Kent charts on 27 December 1971 and peaked at #7. It was #50 on the Top 100 of 1972.

Coz I Luv You wasn’t originally released on an album, but was included on their Sladest compilation LP, which entered the Kent album charts on 5 November 1973 and peaked at #28.

Noddy Holder, Jim Lea

Chas Chandler

Record label of Australian release:

Coz I Luv You features electric violin played by Jimmy Lea. The song was written after producer Chas Chandler insisted the band write an original song to follow-up their first single, Bobby Marchan’s Get Down and Get with It. One evening, Lea turned up Noddy Holder’s home with his violin and an idea for a song after hearing Nine By Nine by the John Dummer Blues Band. The pair wrote the song in half an hour and began the successful songwriting partnership of Holder/Lea, which would go on to write the bulk of Slade’s material.
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The record’s title was deliberately misspelt as Coz I Luv You. Noddy Holder said: “We thought ‘Because I Love You’ was a wet title for a song so we used the spelling that would be on toilet walls in the Midlands and that made it more hard-hitting. When it went to #1, it gave us an enormous amount of confidence in our writing abilities. We had the courage of our convictions that we could keep on doing it.”
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