Come Back Again: DADDY COOL

Australian singles charts:
Come Back Again entered the Kent charts on 6 September 1971 and peaked at #3. The song was #45 on the Top 100 of 1971.

The song is on Daddy Who? Daddy Cool which entered the Kent album charts on 19 July 1971. It reached #1 on 30 August 1971 and remained on top for 7 weeks.

Ross Wilson

Robie Porter

Record label of Australian release:

Ross Wilson said the song, “was based on a Sleepy John Estes feel. A A A then kick to D G D and ‘Zoop Bop’. I virtually wrote in my head in Darwin.” He later declared it his favourite Daddy Cool song. “I love Come Back Again because it’s so simple. It’s just eight bars repeated.”
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Australian Music History:
Daddy Cool recorded their first album which spawned the hits Come Back Again and Eagle Rock in a marathon two day session and the rest, as they say, is history.
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