Poor Poor Pitiful Me: LINDA RONSTADT

Australian singles chart:
Poor Poor Pitiful Me entered the Kent Music Report on 24 October 1977 and peaked at #29.

The song is on Simple Dreams which entered the Kent Music Report album chart on 19 September 1977. It reached #1 on 13 February 1978 and remained there for 5 weeks.

Warren Zevon

Jackson Browne

Record label of Australian release:

Written and originally recorded by Warren Zevon, Poor Poor Pitiful Me first appeared on his self-titled album in 1976. It became a hit when Linda Ronstadt covered it the next year.
Typical of Zevon’s songwriting, this is a pretty crude and risqué song. His character is such a disaster that he can’t even kill himself. He then meets a girl and engages in some sadomasochism.
Ronstadt’s cover was a cleaned-up version with the gender reversed. Her character still fails at suicide, but the S&M references are gone.
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