Everyday: SLADE

Australian singles chart:
Everyday entered the Kent Music Report on 6 May 1974 and peaked at #13. The song was #82 on the Top 100 of 1974.

The song is on Old New Borrowed and Blue which entered the Kent Music Report album charts on 25 February 1974 and peaked at #6.

Noddy Holder, Jim Lea, Louise Lea (uncredited)

Chas Chandler

Record label of Australian release:

With the release of Old New Borrowed and Blue in 1974, the band’s manager Chas Chandler suggested Everyday be released as the second single from the album. The band’s popularity in the UK meant that there was a big demand for a new release. However, the band, particularly Jimmy Lea, did not feel the song was single material. On a flight to Australia for a tour, Chandler and Lea argued about the idea, however Chandler ultimately won, and Everyday was released as a single. Being a piano-led ballad, which was an unusual style for Slade, the band knew they were taking a risk. Everyday reached #3 in the UK and would go on to become a regular sing-a-long inclusion at the band’s concerts.
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Everyday was inspired by Louise Lea, the wife of Jimmy Lea, the band’s bass player. She came up with the opening “Everyday” line while her husband was playing around on the piano. Inspired, he wrote a melody around it and then the band’s lyricist Noddy Holder added the words.
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