Yesterday’s Hero: JOHN PAUL YOUNG

Australian singles chart:
Yesterday’s Hero entered the Kent Music Report on 17 March 1975 and peaked at #8. The song was #44 on the Top 100 of 1975.

The song is on Hero which entered the Kent Music Report album charts on 27 October 1975 and peaked at #9.

Harry Vanda, George Young

Harry Vanda, George Young

Record label of Australian release:
Albert Productions

Yesterday’s Hero is about the fleeting nature of pop stardom. It drew on Vanda & Young’s own experiences as former teen idols.
The song gave Young his first top ten hit, reaching #8 on the Australia’s Kent Music Report and staying at #1 on the Melbourne charts for six weeks. The single sold strongly in the United States, where it reached #44 on the Cash Box Top 100 in February 1976.
One of the key factors in the Australian success of Yesterday’s Hero was the film clip made to promote it, which enabled the song to be given heavy exposure on Countdown.
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