Bungle in the Jungle: JETHRO TULL

Australian singles charts:
Bungle in the Jungle entered the Kent Music Report on 23 December 1974 and peaked at #32.

The song is on War Child which entered the Kent Music Report album charts on 28 October 1974 and peaked at #9.

Ian Anderson

Ian Anderson

Record label of Australian release:

Bungle in the Jungle actually came from an earlier project. Ian Anderson told Songfacts: “It was actually late ’72 or early ’73 when I was in Paris recording an album that never got released, although one or two of the tracks made it out in 1974, but that was at a time when I was writing an album that was exploring people, the human condition, through analogies with the animal kingdom. And that particular song was perhaps the more obvious and the more catchy of the tunes. Eventually it was finished and saved in time for the War Child album, sometime later.”
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Jethro Tull is a British rock band formed in Blackpool, Lancashire in 1967. Initially playing blues rock and jazz fusion, the band later developed their sound to incorporate elements of hard rock and folk to forge a progressive rock signature. The band is led by vocalist/flautist/guitarist Ian Anderson, and has featured a revolving door of lineups through the years
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War Child album cover – Wikipedia:
The front cover is a composite photograph featuring a positive colour print of Melbourne at night, and a negative print of a studio photo of lead singer Ian Anderson.
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