Incense: ISSY DYE

On the record label as Issi Dy

Australian singles charts:
Incense entered the Kent charts on 27 September 1969 and peaked at #47.

Jimmy Miller

Gary Hoffman

Record label of Australian release:

The clip:
From the ABC television show Hit Scene. Issi speaks to host Dick Williams after performing the song.

BONUS CLIP BELOW: Issi Dye, Ronnie Burns, Jeff Phillips & Darryl Cotton

Dye was born in Austria, his original name Israel Dyzenhous changed by deed poll in 1969 to his showbiz name of ‘Issi Dye’. He was three when his family emigrated to Australia, settling in Melbourne.
Dye had moderate success as a pop singer, his most successful hit being Incense in 1969. Other minor hits included One Last Kiss, Personality, I Wonder Where You Are and I’m Counting On You.
Dye went on to host his own television programs including In Gear with Issi Dye, a fashion show on ABC TV, and Issi Dye Presents Late Movies, an overnight block of films on the Nine Network for which he garnered a cult following.
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Family Feud in 1991 with Issi Dye, Ronnie Burns, Jeff Phillips and Darryl Cotton

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