The Cover of the Rolling Stone: DR HOOK & THE MEDICINE SHOW

Australian singles chart:
The Cover of the Rolling Stone entered the Kent chart on 15 January 1973 and peaked at #32.

The song is on Sloppy Seconds which entered the Kent album charts on 5 March 1973 and peaked at #43.

Shel Silverstein

Ron Haffkine

Record label of Australian release:

The Cover of the Rolling Stone was written by Shel Silverstein, a best-selling author of children’s poems who was also a contributor to Playboy magazine and writer of many country hits, including A Boy Named Sue. Silverstein also wrote Dr. Hook’s first hit, Sylvia’s Mother.
This is a parody of the rock and roll lifestyle. It pokes fun at all the things that rock stars indulge in when they’re successful: groupies, shady characters hanging around, limo rides, etc.
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