I Like Dancing: REDHOUSE

Australian singles charts:
I Like Dancing entered the Kent Music Report on 18 October 1976 and peaked at #40.

The song is on One More Squeeze which entered the Kent Music Report album charts on 7 February 1977 and peaked at #89.


Gus McNeil

Record label of Australian release:

Redhouse included members of the former Red House Roll Band which had begun in Geelong in the early 1970s. Redhouse formed in 1975 and originally featured Jack Green (bass), John Dallimore (guitar), Jacques De Jongh (guitar) and Gary Crothall (drums). In 1976, De Jongh left the band to join Hush. He was replaced by Graham Matters (vocals) and Garry Quince (guitar and keyboards).
Redhouse released one album, One More Squeeze. Two singles were lifted from the LP: I Like Dancing and Who’s Foolin’ Who?
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