Melting Pot: BLUE MINK

Australian singles chart:
Melting Pot entered the Kent Music Report on 19 January 1970 and peaked at #10. It was #48 on the Top 100 of 1970.

The song is on Melting Pot which entered the Kent Music Report album charts on 3 August 1970 and peaked at #19.

Roger Cook, Roger Greenaway

Blue Mink

Record label of Australian release:

Melting Pot is the 1969 debut single from UK pop group Blue Mink. The song was written by Blue Mink’s lead singer Roger Cook and long-time songwriter partner Roger Greenaway. It became the opening track on the group’s 1969 debut album, also titled Melting Pot.
While the song has assimilationist undertones, it is generally considered a plea for racial harmony.
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