She Taught Me How to Love Again: BJERRE

Australian singles chart:
She Taught Me How to Love Again entered the Kent Music Report charts on 19 August 1977 and peaked at #31.

The song is on Stealing the Hours which entered the Kent Music Report album charts on 19 September 1977 and peaked at #83.

Lindsay Bjerre

Lindsay Bjerre

Record label of Australian release:

Nostalgia Central:
Tamam Shud began life as a Newcastle instrumental band called The Four Strangers. The group released one well-regarded surf instrumental single, The Rip in 1964, after which their original guitarist (Gary Johns) left the band and was replaced by singer/guitarist Lindsay Bjerre.
Under Bjerre’s guidance the band was renamed The Sunsets and updated their sound.
Becoming Tamam Shud in 1968, the band became one of the first local groups to embrace the late 60s psychedelic sounds, translating the acid-rock into a uniquely Australian context.
Lindsay Bjerre broke up the band in August 1972, wanting to explore a softer country-rock direction. He duly formed a group called Albatross, with Peter Barron and Kim Bryant (ex-Country Radio).
Lindsay re-emerged in the late 1970s with the romantic ‘Bjerre’ persona and the Australian hit single She Taught Me How To Love Again.
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