I’ll Take You High: ARIEL

Australian singles chart:
I’ll Take You High entered the Kent Music Report on 5 January 1976 and peaked at #62.

Mike Rudd

Rod Coe

Record label of Australian release:

Australian progressive rock band Ariel was fronted by Mike Rudd and Bill Putt, who formed the band in 1973 after the breakup of their previous group Spectrum (which also performed under the alter-ego Indelible Murtceps). The original Ariel line-up was Mike Rudd (guitar, harmonica, vocals), Bill Putt (bass), Tim Gaze (guitar), John Mills (keyboards) and Nigel Macara (drums). Gaze and Macara were recruited from seminal Australian progressive rock band Tamam Shud. The band released three studio albums and two live albums between 1973 and 1977, during which there were several line-up changes, with Rudd and Putt the only permanent members. Other members of Ariel included guitarists Glyn Mason and Harvey James (who left Ariel in 1976 to join Sherbet where he replaced Clive Shakespeare) and keyboard player Tony Slavich.
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