House of the Rising Sun: FRIJID PINK

Australian singles charts:
House of the Rising Sun entered the Kent charts on 9 March 1970 and peaked at #15. The song was #88 on the Top 100 of 1970.

The song is on Frijid Pink which entered the Kent album charts on 19 June 1970 and peaked at #24.

Traditional, arr. by Alan Price

Michael Valvano

Record label of Australian release:

BONUS TRACK BELOW – 1944 version by Lead Belly

The House of the Rising Sun is a traditional folk song that tells of a person’s life gone wrong in the city of New Orleans; many versions also urge a sibling or parents and children to avoid the same fate.
It was recorded many times, by artists including Lead Belly, Woody Guthrie, Pete Seeger, Joan Baez, Bob Dylan and Nina Simone. The most successful commercial version was recorded in 1964 by British rock group The Animals.
Detroit USA band Frijid Pink recorded a psychedelic version which became an international hit in 1970.
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Here’s a 1944 recording of House of the Rising Sun by Lead Belly. It was a rearrangement of a song first recorded by Texas Alexander in 1927.

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