Goodbye Lollipop: MADDER LAKE

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Australian singles chart:
Goodbye Lollipop entered the Kent charts on 2 April 1973 and peaked at #31.

The song is on Stillpoint which entered the Kent album charts on 10 September 1973 and peaked at #13.


John French

Record label of Australian release:

BONUS CLIP BELOWSong for Little Ernest

The Melbourne-based line-up of Mick Fettes, Jac Kreemers, Brenden Mason, Kerry McKenna and John McKinnon were picked up by Michael Gudinski’s booking agency Consolidated Rock.
As Madder Lake’s popularity increased, they were one of the first bands signed to the Gudinski co-owned Mushroom Records in late 1972. By 1973 they were a headlining act at the 1973 Sunbury Pop Festival and Mushroom Records’ first release was their debut single Goodbye Lollipop, in February. The single peaked at #15 in Melbourne and made the Australian singles Top 40.
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1973 was a peak year for Madder Lake. In January they played at the second Sunbury festival, and Mick fondly recalls ‘hanging out’ backstage with host Paul Hogan. In February with Goodbye Lollipop in the charts, they supported The Rolling Stones at their Melbourne concerts at the Kooyong Tennis Centre. In April ’73 Mushroom released their classic debut album Stillpoint. It was another breakthrough success for the band and provided Mushroom with their first gold record.
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