Mighty Rock / Look After Yourself / Back Again: STARS

Here are three hit singles from Stars’ debut album PARADISE which entered the Kent Music Report album charts on 16 January 1978 and peaked at #14.

Songwriter all songs:
Andrew Durant

Beeb Birtles, Ric Formosa

Record label of Australian release:

Scroll down for Andrew Durant Memorial Concert info + clip, as well as Stars doing Rocky Mountain Way


Australian singles chart:
Mighty Rock entered the Kent Music Report on 18 July 1977 and peaked at #47.


Australian singles chart:
Look After Yourself entered the Kent Music Report on 12 December 1977 and peaked at #30.


Australian singles chart:
Back Again entered the Kent Music Report on 20 March 1978 and peaked at #52.

Wikipedia – Stars:
Country rock band Stars formed in Adelaide in 1975 and disbanding in 1979, before re-forming in 2019. Founding members were Glyn Dowding on drums; Malcolm Eastick on guitar and vocals; Mick Pealing on vocals; and Graham Thompson on bass guitar. They were joined by guitarist, songwriter, Andrew Durant in 1976 and relocated to Melbourne. Thompson then left and was replaced by a succession of bass guitarists including Roger McLachlan (ex-Little River Band) and Ian McDonald.
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Wikipedia – Andrew Durant:
With Stars, Andy provided guitar, harmonica, and backing vocals. He was also a session and backing musician for a range of artists. He died of cancer in 1980, aged 25.
In a tribute organised by Stars guitarist Mal Eastick, Australian musicians performed his compositions in a recorded concert at Melbourne’s Palais Theatre. It featured Andy’s Stars bandmates with guests Jimmy Barnes, Renee Geyer, Ian Moss, Don Walker, Richard Clapton and many more.
A live double-album Andrew Durant Memorial Concert was released in March 1981. All but three tracks were written or co-written by Durant. Profits from the album’s sales went to the Andrew Durant Cancer Research Foundation.
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STARS featuring RICHARD CLAPTON at the Andrew Durant Memorial Concert that celebrated the work of the band’s acclaimed songwriter.

BONUS CLIP – also from the Paradise album, Stars doing the Joe Walsh song Rocky Mountain Way:

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