Clap for the Wolfman: THE GUESS WHO

Australian singles chart:
Clap for the Wolfman entered the Kent Music Report on 16 September 1974 and peaked at #39.

The song is on Road Food which entered the Kent Music Report album chart on 21 October 1974 and peaked at #87.

Burton Cummings, Bill Wallace, Kurt Winter

Jack Richardson

Record label of Australian release:
RCA Victor

BONUS AUDIO BELOW – Wolfman Jack on WNBC radio

The Guess Who’s Burton Cummings explained that Clap for the Wolfman began as a jam and was originally called Clap For Napoleon. As they were appearing on NBC’s Midnight Special a few times in 1973, they changed the lyric as a tribute to the show’s host, the late Wolfman Jack (Robert Smith). Wolfman Jack even did a couple of live dates with the group, adding his trademark “vocal” rap, which was usually done live by Cummings. The Wolfman legend began in the 1960s when the DJ manned an unregulated Mexican radio station with the capacity to transmit 250,000 watts of power. His husky voice howled across the United States after the midnight hour.
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Wolfman Jack:
Originally from Brooklyn, Robert Smith was working at stations in the USA in the early ’60s when he developed his ‘Wolfman Jack’ persona. His fame became national when he joined Mexican border stations XERF and XERB which had powerful signals that could be heard in many American states. In the ’70s, Wolfman Jack worked at US stations including KDAY Los Angeles and WNBC New York, after which he produced a syndicated program for nationwide broadcast.
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Wolfman Jack on WNBC New York in 1973.

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