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Australian singles chart:
Love Hurts entered the Kent Music Report charts on 19 May 1975 and peaked at #8. The song was #48 on the Top 100 of 1976.

The song is on the 1975 album Hair of the Dog.

Boudleaux Bryant

Manny Charlton

Record label of Australian release:

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Nazareth made this song a hit, but it was originally released by the Everly Brothers on their 1960 album A Date With The Everly Brothers. Like their heartbreak hit from 1957, Bye Bye Love, it was written by Boudleaux Bryant.
Young love is hot with passion, but it burns you when it’s hot. The guy in this song has just made this discovery, which is a revelation of sorts – all those singing the praises of love are fools who will soon be burned, as love is just a lie made to make you blue.
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A version of Love Hurts by English singer-songwriter and drummer Jim Capaldi entered the Kent Music Report singles chart on 19 January 1976 and peaked at #6. The song was #35 on the Top 100 of 1976.
The song is on Short Cut Draw Blood which entered the Kent Music Report album chart on 15 March 1976 and peaked at #95.
The Capaldi recording was produced by Steve Smith.

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