Mr Strange / Lady Sunshine: TAMAM SHUD

Mr Strange and Lady Sunshine are tracks on the Tamam Shud album Evolution (released in 1969) that entered the Kent album charts on 16 March 1970 and peaked at #13.

Lindsay Bjerre

Tamam Shud

Record label of Australian release:

Linssay Bjerre found the Persian phrase tamám shud (translated as “ended”, “finished” or “the very end”) in the closing words of The Rubáiyát of Omar Khayyám, an 11th-century poetry collection.
The line-up of Peter Barron, Lindsay Bjerre, Dannie Davidson and Alex “Zac” Zytnik played “acid-surf progressive rock” influenced by “psychedelic sounds of Cream, The Jimi Hendrix Experience, Pink Floyd, Eric Burdon and The (New) Animals, plus the San Francisco stylings of The Grateful Dead”, according to Australian musicologist Ian McFarlane.
In 1969 film maker Paul Witzig invited Tamam Shud to record the soundtrack to his surfing movie Evolution. Having financed the soundtrack session in return for being able to use the songs on his soundtrack, Witzig donated the left-over studio time to the band so they could record a few tracks of their own.
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