Gonna See My Baby Tonight: THE LA DE DAS

Australian singles charts:
Gonna See My Baby Tonight entered the Kent charts on 25 October 1971 and peaked at #10.

Kevin Borich

Howard Gable

Record label of Australian release:

Live 1971 TV performance by the La De Das of Gonna See My Baby Tonight on the ABC program GTK:

The La De Das, formed in New Zealand in 1963 as the Mergers, had considerable success in both New Zealand and Australia until their split in 1975.
In Australia the band is probably best known as the launching place for the solo career of guitarist Kevin Borich, and for their recording of the first Australasian rock concept album, The Happy Prince.
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Formed in New Zealand at the very start of the beat boom, The La De Das were already major stars at home when they relocated across the Tasman a couple of years later.
The La De Das had a lot of similarities to their Aussie contemporaries The Masters Apprentices. Both were touted as their country’s answer to The Rolling Stones. Both survived for so long in that mercurial era because they had tons of talent, determination and the ability to adapt their sound and look to align with prevailing trends.
1971-72 lineup: Phil Key (guitar, vocals), Peter Roberts (bass), Kevin Borich (guitar, vocals), Keith Barber (drums)
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