Oye Cómo Va: SANTANA

Lead vocal: Gregg Rolie
Lead guitar: Carlos Santana

Australian singles charts:
Oye Cómo Va entered the Kent singles chart on 5 April 1971 and peaked at #55.

The song is on Abraxas which entered the Kent album charts on 25 January 1971. The album reached #1 on 22 February 1971.

Tito Puente

Fred Catero, Carlos Santana

Record label of Australian release:

Salsa legend Tito Puente wrote Oye Cómo Va and recorded it in the early ’50s. While Puente was very popular in the Latin community, Santana’s cover became a hit and helped introduce Puente to a wider audience. On Santana’s version of the song, everything, including the guitar wails and keyboards, follows the original music.
Gregg Rolie, who sang on many of Santana’s early hits, took the lead vocals on this song. Rolie was a founding member and keyboard player for Santana; he joined Journey in 1973.
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The voice in the beginning says “sabor” which is Spanish for “flavor”. The lyrics are entirely in Spanish.

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