Driver’s Seat: SNIFF ‘N’ THE TEARS

Australian singles chart:
Driver’s Seat entered the Kent Music Report on 12 November 1979 and peaked at #13. The song was #84 on the Top 100 of 1980.

The song is on Fickle Heart which entered the Kent Music Report album chart on 3 December 1979 and peaked at #72.

Paul Roberts

Luigi Salvoni

Record label of Australian release:

British band Sniff ‘n’ the Tears is considered a one-hit wonder as Driver’s Seat was their only hit, except in the Netherlands, where they had a second hit.
According to singer/songwriter Paul Roberts, Driver’s Seat isn’t about driving, but rather “fragmented, conflicting thoughts and emotions that might follow the break-up of a relationship”. The song charted in Australia, New Zealand, Netherlands, UK, Canada, USA and Germany.
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