I’ll Be Gone: SPECTRUM

Australian singles chart:
I’ll Be Gone entered the Kent charts on 11 January 1971 and peaked at #4. The song was #31 on the Top 100 of 1971.

Mike Rudd

Howard Gable

Record label of Australian release:

BONUS TRACK BELOW: Mike Rudd also recorded I’ll Be Gone with his band Ariel

Once signed to EMI’s progressive imprint Harvest Records, Spectrum went into the studio to make their first official recordings under producer Howard Gable, who had worked with The Masters Apprentices. They had a #1 Australian hit with their first single I’ll Be Gone, which has become one of the most enduring Australian rock songs of that era.
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The Guardian:
On release, the original I’ll Be Gone turned out to be a runaway hit. “The middle of 1970 we recorded it, maybe even earlier, and the song gradually clawed its way to No 1 the following year,” Mike Rudd told ABC’s Bill Brown in a video interview in 2010. “With the Whitlam government coming in, as well, there was a great upswell of acceptance of [all] things Australian. There was us, Daddy Cool, Billy Thorpe, and a whole bunch of acts that were on the charts.”
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A FUN FACT: I’ll Be Gone was the last song played on 3XY in 1991 and was played on 3AK in 1973 before their change from “no wrinklys” to “beautiful music”. See: 3AK shunned wrinklies (then embraced them) and 3XY played Top 40 hits… over and over


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Mike Rudd also recorded I’ll Be Gone with his band Ariel on the 1975 album Rock and Roll Scars

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