The Concert for Bangladesh: GEORGE HARRISON and friends

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The triple live album The Concert for Bangladesh entered the Kent album charts in Australia on 21 February 1972 and peaked at #3. On release, it topped album charts in several countries and went on to win the Grammy Award for Album of the Year in March 1973.

Apple Corps Ltd has blocked clips on YouTube of the Concert for Bangladesh on copyright grounds. However this promo clip is available:

The Concert for Bangladesh – Wikipedia:
George Harrison responded to a request from Ravi Shankar to raise awareness and money for starving refugees during the Bangladesh Liberation War by organising a charity event, The Concert for Bangladesh. The event on 1 August 1971 drew more than 40,000 people to two shows in New York’s Madison Square Garden. Ravi opened the show, which featured popular musicians such as Bob Dylan, Eric Clapton, Leon Russell, Badfinger, Billy Preston and Ringo Starr.
A triple album, The Concert for Bangladesh, was released by Apple in December, followed by a concert film in 1972. By 1985, through revenue raised from the Concert for Bangladesh live album and film, an estimated $12 million had been sent to Bangladesh, and sales of the live album and DVD release of the film continue to benefit the George Harrison Fund for UNICEF.
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The Concert for Bangladesh is available on CD, DVD, blu-ray and digital download from shopfront and online retailers, and the George Harrison web site.

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