Only Women Bleed: ALICE COOPER

Australian singles chart:
Only Women Bleed entered the Kent Music Report on 11 August 1975 and peaked at #50.

The song is on Welcome to My Nightmare which entered the Kent Music Report album charts on 17 March 1975 and peaked at #5.

Alice Cooper, Dick Wagner

Bob Ezrin

Record label of Australian release:

Contrary to what many listeners believed, this is not about menstruation and it does not advocate domestic violence. Cooper is singing about how women bleed from the heart, mind and soul. Several feminist groups protested this song, but it is actually a sympathetic look at domestic abuse. It’s a rare song where Cooper doesn’t try to shock, but takes the side of the victim.
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Only Women Bleed was written by Alice Cooper and Dick Wagner. According to Wagner, the song’s musical riff and vocal melody were developed several years earlier during his time with the Frost, but he never liked his lyrics and the song was never recorded. Wagner played the riff for Cooper, and the two developed new lyrics for the eventual Welcome to My Nightmare recording.
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