Wanderin’ Star: LEE MARVIN

Australian singles chart:
Wanderin’ Star entered the Kent charts on 30 March 1970 and peaked at #10. The song was #70 on the Top 100 of 1970.

The song is on the Paint Your Wagon soundtrack album which entered the Kent album charts on 1 June 1970 and peaked at #6.

Alan J. Lerner (lyrics), Frederick Loewe (music)

Tom Mack

Record label of Australian release:

The 1969 musical Paint Your Wagon cost an estimated $20 million to produce but grossed less than $32 million at the American box office. That may have been disappointing, but the song Wand’rin’ Star was anything but, performed by Lee Marvin in a deep, soporific voice.
The song finds Marvin singing about his peripatetic lifestyle that takes him to California for the Gold Rush.
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