The Boys are Back in Town: THIN LIZZY

Australian singles charts:
The Boys are Back in Town entered the Kent Music Report on 9 August 1976 and peaked at #56.

The song is on Jailbreak which entered the Kent Music Report album charts 20 September 1976 and peaked at #51.

Phil Lynott

John Alcock

Record label of Australian release:

BONUS CLIP BELOW – Thin Lizzy performing the song live in Sydney

Written by group leader Phil Lynott, The Boys Are Back In Town reflects Thin Lizzy’s rough-and-tumble composure and working-class roots. The song was a way of connecting with their fans, who had similar sensibilities.
Thin Lizzy would often stir up trouble and end up in a fights – their roadies were chosen based in part on their pugilistic skills. The group also drank heavily and had a blast. The song became their calling card.
This lifestyle took a tragic toll on Lynott, who died in 1986 at 36 after his body broke down from years of drug and alcohol abuse.
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Thin Lizzy with Gary Moore performing The Boys are Back in Town live at 2SM’s Rocktober concert at the Sydney Opera House in 1978.

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