Hurdy Gurdy Man: DONOVAN

Australian singles charts:
Hurdy Gurdy Man entered the Kent charts on 22 June 1968 and peaked at #5. The song was #59 on the Top 100 of 1968.

The song gave its name to the album The Hurdy Gurdy Man, which was released in October 1968 in the United States.


Mickie Most

Record label of Australian release:

A hurdy-gurdy is an odd instrument resembling an organ grinder. It is played by turning a crank and pressing buttons to play notes.
In the song, Donovan finds a shimmer of enlightenment when he awakes from a sleep to see a hurdy-gurdy man singing songs of love.
Donovan wrote the song for his old guitar mentor Mac MacLeod, who had formed a power trio he called “Hurdy Gurdy.” Donovan wanted MacLeod’s band to record it but they played it in a heavy rock style and Donovan wanted it light and acoustic, so he kept it for himself.
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